CURATORIAL ASSISTANT. Joe Sola. Studio Visit. Crisp. CinemaLoop. Arco2010. Madrid.

CRISP London Los Angeles is pleased to announce its participation at CinemaLoop ARCOmadrid 17-21 February 2010 with LA californian artist JOE SOLA "Studio Visit"
among others artist as Yael Bartana, Michael McMillen, Thorsten Brinkmann,Katrina Löfström. The ARCOmadrid section for video collaborates in this edition with Loop,the videoart Festival and Fair in Barcelona. The presentation of the works will be divided into three formats: installation, looped programme in an auditorium and single-channel videos in individual screens.Curated by Carolina Grau and Paul Young. Carolina Grau, Curator, lives and works in London, UK. Paul Young, Art critic and curator based in Los Angeles, EE.UU. Joe Sola, Studio Visit, 2005, DVD with sound, 8 minutes. Hollywood-inspired & Los Angeles-based artist Joe Sola. Studio Visit, 2005, one channel digital video with sound. 8:00min. 4:3 PAL. 2 ch. stereo. Installation. Dimensions variable. Drawing on a long, fertile tradition of body art, where bodies are tested and transgressed, Joe Sola often places himself at the center of his video works. “Saint Henry Composition” (2001) for which he’s probably best know, features a cast of football players in full uniform who delight in pummelling Sola into the ground—quite literally. Yet at the same time, the Los Angeles-based Sola has also been sensitive to the various ways in which such images are connected to, and referenced by, mainstream cinema. “My work is about my relationship to film,” says Sola who has a degree in American literature. “Its images, structures and spectacles are something that most people in our media saturated culture can relate to.” To that end he often incorporates the apparatus of cinema—its camera, special effects and/or preexisting footage—as well as its many denizens—its actors, crew members and personnel. Yet rather than revealing the means of production in the Brechtian sense, he keeps everything in balance—the real and the unreal, the action and the non-action, the pleasure and the non-pleasure. For the “Los Angeles county Museum of Art on Fire (1965-68)”(2004) for instance, he restages Ed Ruscha’s famous painting by organizing a very real fire drill at the eponymous museum and adding plenty of smoke effects. But of all his most recent works, “Studio Visit” (2005) tends to “get the most people talking,” as Sola says. It was based on a series of meetings that took place inside Sola’s Los Angeles studio with an international cast of museum curators and art dealers. At a crucial point, the events take a humorous turn, which pushes the entire affair into the realm of “Jackass,” —at least at first glance. As curator Irene Tsatsos has said, “Studio Visit is conceptually grounded in a critique of a most ubiquitous type of American imagery. Sola believes that many of culture’s deeply –held paradigms come from Hollywood cinema, and it’s is these paradigms that he brings into contemporary art discourse.” Text by Paul Young
Nadia Hironaka & Matthew Suib. "Right Here, Out There (Nowhere)” (2009). SD single channel video projection, with surround sound. 9’. Music: The Espers.Kim Light/Lightbox Gallery, Los Angeles. Rebeca Méndez.“At any Given Moment, Rivers and Fall” (2009). 16 mm film transferred to HD Video. 15’48”. Single channel video projection, continuous loop. Sound by Drew Schnurr. LM Projects, Los Angeles. Nira Pereg. "And Melancholy” (2009). One channel high definition video with sound. 3’02’’ loop. 16:9 PAL. 2 ch. Stereo / Installation. Filming: Sergey Klimkiny. Sound: Nati Seidenstadt. Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv. Joe Sola. “Studio Visit” (2005). One channel digital video with sound. 8’. 4:3 PAL. 2 ch. Stereo / Installation. Crisp London Los Angeles. John Wood and Paul Harrison. "One More kilometer” (2009). One channel high definition video with sound, 2’45’’ loop. 14:3 PAL. 2ch. Stereo. Vera Cortês Agência de Arte, Lisbon. Katarina Löfström. “Crying Skyscraper” (2009). One channel video with sound. 5’30’’ loop. 14:3 PAL. 2 ch. Stereo / Installation. Sound by Katarina Löfström. Andréhn-Schiptjenko Gallery, Stockholm
Qiu Anxiong. “The Temptation of the Land” (2009). Animation film, two video screen installation, colour with sound, 13’. Music composed by Jin Wang. Barbara Gross Galerie, Munich. Noé Sendas. “The Indifferent” (2008-09). DVD installation, colour with sound, 6’30’’ with sculpture. Fernando Santos, Porto. Christoph Brech. “Sea Force One 509” (2008). One channel video with sound. 6’ loop. 4:3 PAL. 2 ch. Stereo. Galerie Kunstagenten, Berlin
Yael Bartana. “Mur I Wiea” (2009). RED transfered to 35mm, colour with sound, 16’. Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam. Thorsten Brinkmann. "Se King” (2009). One channel video with sound. 7’30’’ loop. 4:3 PAL. 2 ch. Stereo. Galerie Kunstagenten, Berlin. Jennifer Levonian. “Take Your Picture With a Puma” (2009). One Channel Video with Sound. 6’46’’. 16:9 NTSC. 2 ch. Stereo. Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia Michael McMillen.“The Quotidian Man” (2009). One channel high definition video with sound. 12’38’’. 4:3 PAL. 2 ch. Stereo. LA Louver Gallery, Venice, CA. Tobias Yves Zintel. “Acid and Ice Cream” (2008). Video DVD, colour with sound, 12’. Barbara Gross Galerie, Munich