Espai D’Arts Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts Granollers
Curated by Laura Plana Gracia
16th October 2009 – 28th November 2009

Miquel Garcia; Daniel Jacoby; Tjasa Kancler; Perla Montelongo; Katarina Matiasek, Robin Rimbaud; Rotorrr, Alba G. Corral, Field, Raul Arroyo, Karen Russo, Txuspo Poyo, Locus Solus .
Cartographies of non place is an exhibition showing Spanish and international artist. It pursues to be an exhibition about art and technology and his willing is to represent the critical role of new media in the actual society. The exhibition analyzes the contemporary landscapes as a discipline in digital art and how the analyzes of the place and the social relations are represented. All the works belongs to the category of mediascapes trying to develop the knowledge of the space in the most beauty manner. The exhibition is based on the lecture of the short essay Rhizome, from the authors Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, where they interpret actual society under the principles of connectivity, flux, not significant rupture and cartography. It is a heterogenic society and it is built through underground ramifications, drain lines, trajectories and vectors. Internet is an information interchange tool. But it is not valid only for communication. We must learn what to transmit and to whom. The net it must not be finality, but a medium. Internet is a non-place. A virtual non-place. It is a space thought for communicate, consume and inform, as well as airports, highways, hipermonuments not symbolized and without signification, places that do not contribute to the historic memory, designed spaces for transit without stop. Spaces for anonymity portraying human condition in actual society. De Francesc Abad, http://www.blockwb.net/ Apunts 2001 - 02 [diari digital] The exhibition consisting of art and technology cannot elude to show net-art works. As well, it can be seen an installations, drawings, illustration and video-art.

Cartographies of non – place. Non-place is nowadays the result of machinic production system. It has a decisive power on society. Petrol stations and supermarket are brands, signs of the systems, which abolish the place identity and are being localized all around the world with the same interpretation code, neutralizing the environment, homogenizing society. Heterotopy and non-place are developed under the meaning, hierarchy and typology of Foucault understanding “spaces”. The concept of space and the modern construction of Europe end at Berlin Wall 1958. The modern crisis of fifties is determined by the experience of repression, exodus and exile. Actual directly derived conditions are displacements, transfers and flux. To overcome the modern space conceptions (perspective and colonialism) mean and refer how to adopt new technologies to redefine our behaviour in the space surrounding us. Radar and localization technologies synthesize the experience of the whole reality perception, developed in Jameson through cartography. The basic tools in technologies of representation, data visualization and sociology are, in a kind of way, cartographies. It could be said is one of the new media specifics. His form and structures, tree – rhizome – diagram – mapping are used to show the knowledge through digital tools and Internet. This is the structure that contributes to universal archive of knowledge, and under its shape, form and content are resolve.